Autumn Blog Set

Hi there everyone!  I have an awesome new blog set available for all of you now using my new PTU kit called Fall Days.  It's a great fun blog set for all things Autumn and I really hope you enjoy it!  I plan on making some new seasonal blog sets for everyone to decorate their blogs with so keep on the lookout!

I decided to do things a little differently by making everything available in a downloadable zip file instead of the click and snag method!  It didn't seem to be working out that well so hopefully this works better!  With that you will receive 2 & 3 column backgrounds, a blank header, blank column header, matching signature, post divider, and even a little personalizable blinkie banner!  Either you can make it static by just putting your name on it, or if you know how to make blinkies then you can make your own!  With all these goodies you're also going to get the installation instructions and credits in the download as well!  I hope you enjoy!  :)

:: Download Autumn Blog Set ::

Create Your Own Blog Layouts

So I've gotten many questions about how you create your own blog backgrounds and it has prompted me to create this awesome background template for you guys!!!  This background is going to make it super easy for you to create your own backgrounds because it's at the right size for wide screens which makes it perfect for everyone to see and use.  There are also layers for the center of a 2 column and 3 column width layout!  Feel free to use this for all of your personal blog creations.

You can download this template here and on the resources page of this blog!


:: Update ::
If you downloaded this template on November 1st then please feel free to redownload, as I have accidentally forgot to fix the installation code for the blog backgrounds.  In the previous version, my banner will appear on your background.  If you redownload then the new code is in there and will not have my banner on your background!  :)